Last Year Paper of COMPUTER GRAPHICS (M.C.A)

Here we are providing previous year question of M.C.A. COMPUTER GRAPHICS is thought in the Forth semester in M.C.A course offered by UTTARAKHAND TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (UTU).

Last Year Paper of COMPUTER GRAPHICS (M.C.A)




Time Duration: – Three Hours                                          Total Marks: – 100

Instruction: – Attempt all questions.

Q1. Answer any four parts:                  4*5=20                                             

(a). What do you mean by scientific visualization? Explain.

(b). Is there any difference between computer graphics and image processing? Explain.

(c). Describe the term persistence and resolution in reference to CRT.

(d). Explain the architecture of a raster system with a fixed portion of the system memory reserved for the frame buffer.

(e). Explain various kinds of input device used for computer animation.

(f). Define the following:

    (i). Positioning techniques

    (ii) Dragging

Q2. Answer any four parts:                            4*5=20                                   

(a). Give Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm. Explain the same with suitable example.

(b). Describe boundary fill algorithm for polygon with suitable example.

(c). Discuss the method for storing colour values in a colour look up table (or video lookup table) where each entry in the table uses 24 bits to specify an RGB colour.

(d). Define the following:

     (i). point clipping

    (ii). Line clipping.

(e). what do you mean by display file? What are the functions for segmenting the display file?

(f). Using midpoint method, and taking symmetry into account, develop an algorithm for the curve over the interval.


Q3. Answer any two parts:          2*10=20                                                   

(a). Write an algorithm for converting, any specified sphere, ellipsoid, or cylinder to a polygon mesh repersantation.

(b). Write an algorithm to display two dimensional, cubic Bezier curves, given a set of four control point in the  plane.

(c). Define the following with example:

     (i). Octrees

    (ii). B-spline curves.

Q4. Answer any two parts:               2*10=20                                              

(a). (i). Define translation and scaling with an example.

     (ii) Determine the form of the transformation matrix for a reflection about an arbitrary line with equation

(b). Define the following with example:

    (i). 3-D rotation

    (ii). Parallel projection

(c). What do you mean by hidden surface removal? Describe any hidden surface removal algorithm.

Q5. Answer any two parts:        2*10=20                                                     

(a). Define animation sequence. What are the various steps involved in animation sequence? Describe.

(b). Define the following with example.

     (i). Morphing

    (ii). Types of animation system.

(c). Write short notes on the following:

    (i). Animation tools

   (ii). Git animator: list the names and explain any one of them.

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