Here we are provided by the Last year question paper of Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU).

you can collect the last year question paper of B.C.A First Semester Subject is BUSINESS COMMUNICATION paper ID is 160004.Last Year Paper of BUSINESS COMMUNICATION UTU  Here we are provided by the All Question Papers of the Universities are Hamwati Nand Bahugunna University (HNB), Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU), Panjab Technical University (PTU), etc. Here you can see that the Last year question paper of B.C.A First semester UTU Examination Subject is BUSINESS COMMUNICATION. and see that the your results, syllabus Exam patterns etc.


B.C.A First Semester Examination-2014

Business Communication

Paper ID:-160004

Time Duration: Three Hours                                             Total Marks: 70 Instruction: Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Q1.  What is perceptual organization? Discuss Gestalt’s laws of

        perceptual organization.

Q2.  Discuss the cognitive theory of learning. Also delineate the

        differences between Behavioral school and cognitive schools

        of learning.

Q3.  What is Motivation? Discuss various theories of Motivation 

        and  how they are important in learning?                                    

Q4.  What do you mean by communication? Discuss various barriers

        to the communication.

Q5.  What is written communication? Discuss the various advantages

        written communication has over oral communication.

Q6.  Discuss various techniques and methods used for the appraisal

        or assessment of personality.

Q7.  Define any of the five terms:

       a). Perception

       b). Social learning theories

       c). Upward communication

       d). Personality

       e). Public Speaking

       f). Needs for motivation

       g). Ingredients of successful presentation



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