Last year paper of COMPUTER GRAPHICS (M.C.A)

Here we are providing previous year question paper of COMPUTER GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION. Last year paper of COMPUTER GRAPHICS (M.C.A).  Conducted Examination UTTARAKHAND TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (UTU). You can download question paper of MCA Forth semester Examination 2008-09 subject is COMPUTE GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION 

Last year paper of COMPUTER GRAPHICS (M.C.A) 




Time Duration:- 3 Hours                                                   Total Marks: 100

Instruction:- Attempt all questions.

Q1. Answer any four parts:                                                         

(a). Define computer aided design (CAD). Is it different from computer art? Explain with suitable examples.

(b). Give the basic design of a magnetic-deflection CRT. Also explain the operation of an electron gun with an acceleration anode.

(c). What do you mean by the terms persistence and resolution? Explain with example giving the significance of each.

(d). Write short note on the following:

     (i). Digitizing Camera

    (ii). Printers

(e). What do you mean by position constraints and scales and guidelines? Explain.

(f). What do you understand by defining a boundary rectangle? What is the significance of it? Explain.

Q2. Answer any two parts:                                                        

(a). Discuss the digital differential analyzer (DDA) line drawing of algorithm in detail. Also give its advantages and disadvantages.

(b).Write short notes on the following:

   (i). Functions for segmenting the display file

   (ii). Segment naming schemes

(c). (i). Describe the flood fill algorithm for a polygon with suitable example.

      (ii). Explain any line clipping algorithm with proper example.

Q3. Answer any two parts:                                                        

(a). What do you mean by quadric surfaces? Explain any two quadric surfaces in Cartesian system. Also give the procedure to draw them.

(b). Write short notes on the following:

    (i). super ellipse and super ellipsoid,

    (ii). Application of curved lines and surfaces.

(c). What do mean by the interpolation and approximation splines? Give the procedure for spline specifications?

Q4. Answer any two parts:                                                         

(a). (i). Show that two successive reflection about either of the coordinate axis is equivalent to a single rotation about the coordinate origin.

  (ii). Prove that the multiplication of the transformation matrices of two successive rotation operation is commutative.

(b). (i). Describe transformation matrices for rotation with quaternion and 3D scaling.

  (ii). Writes short notes on parallel projections and perspective projection with suitable diagram.

(c). Discuss the hidden surface removal method in detail with suitable diagram.

Q5. Describe any two parts with suitable examples:              

(a). Principles and types of Animation.

(b). GKS and various GKS primitives.

(c). Animation and hardware and software tools.


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