Last year paper of operating system for B.C.A

Here we are providing previous year question paper operating system (OS) for B.C.A. operating system (OS) is thought in the Forth semester in B.C.A cours offered by uttarakhand technical university (UTU). 

Last year paper of operating system for B.C.A 


                                    PAPERT FIRST



Time Duration:-Three hours                                       Total marks: 70

Instruction:- Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1.) (a) How layered structure approach differ from kernel approach? Explain

     (b) What do you understand by ‘operating system’? justify the statement “the operating system acts as a resource manager of the computer system”

2.) (a) What do you mean by paging?  How address mapping is performed in paging technique? Also enumerate the advantage and disadvantage of paging.

     (b) Explain the ‘optimal page replacement algorithm’

3.) (a) Explain file permissions used in unix operating system.

     (b) Give the salient features of unix operating system. Mention the utility of the shell and the kernel in unix environment.

4.) (a) Write a note on the ‘memory management’ in unix operating system.

      (b) What is virtual memory? How is it important in the operating of a computer’s modern era? Also explain the operating of a system equipped with virtual memory.

5.) (a) Why should there be a disk scheduling/ briefly describe and compare the FCFS and C-look disk scheduling.

     (b) What is meant by device independence? Discuss the major functions of the device independence software.

6.) (a) What is file system? What are the main responsibilities of a file system? Where is file system located in layered organization of operating system?

     (b) Give the general model of a file system. Explain the functions of access control verifications (ACV) module of file system.

7.) (a) What is fragmentation? What are different types of fragmentation?How each of these can be overcome?

     (b) What is segmentation? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

8.) (a) Define semaphore. Explain how semaphores work. How can these be used to achieve mutual exclusion and condition synchronization. 

     (b)  Consider the snapshot of a system.

        (i) Computer need matrix.

        (ii) ls system deadlock? Justify.

        (iii) ls the system in safte state? Justify.

        (iv)  Can a request (0,1,0,0)from p3  be safely granted immediately? Justify the answer.

also you can find previous year question paper for B.Tech, B.C.A and B.Sc (IT). for all the semester on this website.


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