What is Google API : Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Google API : Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages, API is a short form of application program interface, a programming code that helps communicate with two different software programs. Although you will find many definitions of the API, but the API can be explained in a very simple way – the API is ‘set of code’ and a process that is created for a specific purpose or task. And works like a complete module.

There are many different types of APIs for operating systems, applications and website – such as Windows, which have many API sets that come in handy for system hardware and applications – when you use text from one application to another application If you copy and paste it – this is the API that helps in getting this work done.

What is Google API : Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages

Google API Complete Information

A good API provides easily all kinds of building blocks for developers to develop and then the programmer develops the APIs according to the need, keeping those blocks together. API is the compilation of many commands, functions, protocols, and objects by using which programmers create software and design models to interact with external systems.

Depending on the usage of the API, it can be divided into three broad categories –

  • Internal-Internal API is exclusively used in a company or organization
  • External-External API is built for most customers outside of the company
  • Partner-Partner API is designed for partners only for a specific purpose, so that partners can access business functions among themselves.

Types of APIs

  • Hardware APIs – These APIs work on the hardware level and are used to capture hardware level information from devices such as S.No, model number of any device etc.
  • Web Services API – These APIs provide services through the help of WWW
  • Source Code APIs
  • Library based APIs
  • Class based APIs
  • Object Remoting APIs
API Advantages –
  • Time Saving – API Task Automates, so it is used to save time and also save time for business with customers.
  • Efficiency – The API provides an Easy interface while hiding all types of complexity, so the use of APIs increases the product’s efficiency.
  • Access – As mentioned above, the API can be built for different requirements so that the API’s reach is very great and anybody can easily access the API and merge it into their product.
  • Automation – Because the machine has interaction with machine in the API, so people do not have to interact with each other for the purpose of the information. The task of which is made to be easy and automated.
  • Partnership & Business – Business help is available from APIs and business partnership between companies is increased. As the company grows, Business Information can be shared with the help of API and can therefore be changed or changed according to business needs and business related information can be shared.

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